Logsearch & Decker

April 4th, 2014

Yesterday evening I headed up to the London PaaS User Group meeting as there were two Cloud Foundry related sessions on the agenda. First up was David Laing talking about the open source Logsearch project, a bosh deploy of an Elastic search ELK log analysis cluster. His employer (City Index) has this hooked up to Cloud Foundry system logs and, in some cases, they’re also using it for analysis of application logs with addition parsers. They’re looking for people to get involved in the project and help with the next phase: anomaly detection. One major hole in the solution as it currently stands: it’s only suitable for private PaaS as their is no access control over the logged data.

Up second was an entertaining pitch by Colin Humphreys, Founder and CEO of ours hosts CloudCredo, on how to sell hats to monkeys. That was the back story anyway, it was actually about how there is space in the stack for something that gives you the flexibility of IaaS over what you run but the simplicity of management, scaling and load balancing of PaaS. That something is Container as a Service. Specifically, the ability to push Docker files to Cloud Foundry using a custom stack for the DEA. Something that Colin is referring to as Decker.

Colin gave a nice demo but it is obviously still early days. Currently you can only push Docker files not images. There is also no staging at the moment – the image is created when each instance starts – consequently it is not taking any advantage of intermediate images. There is obviously lots of scope for improvement and it’s definitely one to watch. It was also interesting that Colin is currently focussing on the Docker side with the DEA interactions set to change with the introduction of Diego. The project is open source but Colin recommended waiting until he writes some docs before you try picking it up!

Gerry’s 60th

December 27th, 2013

Birthday CakeAs usual, the final countdown to Christmas began with Christine’s Dad’s birthday. This year was a bit different though as he’d reached a round 60 and a party was planned! Unfortunately the weather was a little unkind as the day was meant to begin with various outdoor activities. Ian and I joined a small party running the route of the Kymin Fell Race in the wind-blown rain. Gerry was injured so had planned a walk but strangely, no-one was keen to join him. Not to be deterred, he walked up the Kymin on his own! The children had perhaps the most sensible idea, getting wet in the swimming pool instead.

Gerry @ 60There was just time to wash off the mud before heading to their local where we were joined by friends, family, neighbours and fellow runners for food and drink. There was a skittles alley laid out down the middle of the room but this remained largely the domain of the children (even when there were other people standing on it!). Following the cutting of the cake (baked by Christine and decorated with the aid of myself and Sarah) Gerry was rendered speechless, although hard to say whether this was due to emotion or Sue stepping in very quickly! Anyway, here’s to the next 10!

King Duncan

December 19th, 2013

wpid-king-duncan.jpgDuncan graduated from cow to king this week at his playgroup nativity play. Once again, he looked rather like he was slightly bemused by the whole affair but joined in with all the singing and actions and did rather seem to like his outfit! Then there was Emma’s Christmas lunch, both children had Christmas parties at playgroup and school respectively, and then there was the school carol concert. We’ll all be looking forward to a break come the end of term!

Run some Pubs

December 15th, 2013
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