Child minding

Manor Farm Victorian lesson

Christine worked the last couple of days so I had time off to look after the children. Well, on Thursday, I actually only looked after one of them as Emma and I dropped off Duncan at nursery before spending most of the day at Manor Farm Country Park. Much to my surprise, Emma even enjoyed the 40 minute Victorian school lesson on offer although she only put her hand up once (to spell dog!). We stopped off at the library on the way home. Having spent most of the stay colouring, her contribution to the book selection was a cartoon book of Shakespeare’s plays: Midsummer Night’s Dream is the only one which doesn’t involve at least one murder! Yesterday, Duncan, Emma and I eventually made it out the house and went to Hilliers where the children ran themselves in the ground. We managed, for example, to spend half an hour playing manically on a wobbly bridge that is all of three metres long. They also spent ages jumping around a circle of log stumps. Duncan just leapt from one towards the next regardless of whether he was likely to make it! I’m looking forward to having a rest at work next week…

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