Prague sightseeing

Spent the last few days sightseeing in Prague and the surrounding area. We stayed in a building of the Theological Faculty of Charles University which our Czech friends had booked for us. It was comfortable and nice to have a kitchen. It was also in a quiet street so, other than the occasional burst of song from passing drunken Englishmen and the rowdy hen party down the corridor, it was possible to get a reasonable night’s sleep.

On Sunday we did a massive walking tour covering a large number of the historical sights. The weather was superb and it was nice just to wander around taking in the huge architectural variety. The camera was busy clicking away the whole time. We bought a ticket for the castle and also had some childish fun in the mirror maze. Had dinner at a small bar round the corner which, despite getting a mention in the Lonely Planet guide, was mercifully free of tourists (other than ourselves of course!).

On Monday we took the bus out to Kutná Hora. This was rather bad planning as, if we had read the guidebook properly, we would have realised that the cathedral is closed on Mondays. Almost missed the bus back as the driver decided to leave early while we were still eating our ice creams!

Yesterday we had another trip out of the city – this time taking the train to KarlÅ¡tejn. Having climbed the hill past all the tourist traps, we declined to join the hordes taking tours of the castle. Instead, we had a pleasant (and tourist free) walk through the countryside rejoining the trainline at DobÅ™ichovice.

Spent today back in Prague. Wandered over to VyÅ¡ehrad taking in, as is our want when visiting any city, the botanic gardens on the way. Rather bizarrely, bumped in to the same Asian film crew at the old castle that we had seen on Sunday. If you ever get to see “Love in Prague” then watch out for us in the background! Finally, we took the metro to Josefov and wandered around the old Jewish quarter.

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