Wet November Classic

Setting up the start in the pouring rain wasn’t ideal preparation for my run at this year’s SOC November Classic. The map was named “The Reptile Centre” after the tourist attraction at the northern end. As I set out of the start I new it was going to be a slow run – I could still feel last week’s KIMM in my legs. This was made worse by the brashings littering the forest floor and the mudbaths that passed for paths. I felt the course could have been better as too often I found myself following some obvious line feature in to the control. Consequently, the couple of navigational errors I made were mainly due to tiredness. Still managed 83 minutes for 12.7km which isn’t too sluggish. Unfortunately a trio of touring Scandinavian buses meant that I was well down the results with Mats Troeng clocking in at a mere 63 minutes and his brother not far behind!

At least we had a chance to dry of afterwards with a nice meal at The Oak Inn, Bank with friends. I can recommend the Thai fish cakes!

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