SOC Games Evening

18Last night saw a highly successful games night organised by Christine for SOC. The evening started with a game of Bing-O. The twist here was that the usual numbers had been replaced by IOF control description symbols. To make things a bit easier we had earth symbols in the first column, water in the second, rock in the middle, vegetation in the fourth and man-made featues in the last however there was still much frantic searching through the crib sheets provided to each table.

Next up was an exercise we picked up at coaching conference. A map with 20+ controls on it was placed at one end of the room and a blank map at the other and each time had five minutes to copy as many controls from one to the other as they could. We decided to limit each person to copying one control at a time but even that seemed too much for some!

The evening ended with a “New Forest Pony Drive” – a bit like a beetle drive but with Christine’s best attempt at a pony replacing the usual insect.

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