Woodfidley and New Copse Inclosure

The maps in the New Forest have such fantastic names that I couldn’t resist using this one in the title. Unfortunately, my run wasn’t quite so fantastic! My legs were still very tired which made the decision as whether to leg it round the muddy paths or head straight through the brashings and dying bracken no easier. It was probably my brain that let me down the most though. Looking back, I think I did something stupid on at least half of the controls. (And just to prove I wasn’t completely with it, I then left my wallet in the post-event pub.) Last time I looked at the results I was lying in third place on the Brown course, over four minutes down on Colin Dickinson (who has the benefit of at least 20 years on me).

Good to see so many adult newcomers at the event though. Hedley was doing a sterling job providing some initial instruction. Lets hope it pays off and we see them all again.

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