CompassSport Cup first round

Competing again today, this time at the first round of the inter-club orienteering competition. The area (Black Park near Slough) held some promise with the details claiming only 30m climb for an 8km course! Unfortunately, what they failed to mention were the brambles which had a hold over parts of the area and, at times, my legs.

Managed to waste a bit of time in the circle on a few controls – particular those which involved finding point features in the middle of large areas of green. It really just came down to a question of running speed though which, at the moment, I don’t have. Octavian Droobers seem to have picked the SCOA event to come to and GG whistled around the course in a good ten minutes less than me.

When we left the event, the results showed OD in the lead with the organising club (Thames Valley) taking the second place through to the final round by just one point from SOC. However, the online results indicate that, following a recalculation, SOC were actually four points ahead. Hopefully we will get a good turnout for the final in October which is on nearby Greenham Common.

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