Humax chase play

Bought a Humax PVR-9200T a few months back after much agonising over the various limitations being posted on the Digital Spy forums. Although, to be fair, I haven’t been in the country much of the time since then, I’ve been pretty pleased with the purchase. The Freeview reception is certainly better than the previous box we had and Christine has certainly got the hang of recording programmes while I’ve been away. As a result, we probably watch less crap TV although Christine did make the observation that we probably also watch less news than we used to. Anyway, Humax have finally satisfied one of the major complaints by the addition of chase play in their latest over-the-air update (not to mention padding of recordings). Now, if they’ll only speed up the USB download then I’ll be a very happy bunny. (PS Owners of this box should also checkout for advice on getting the most out of it.)

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