Sunny champs

We can now breathe a collective sigh of relieve as the Junior Inter-Regional Champs came and went this weekend. Things didn’t get off to a great start when we returned from control hanging to discover that start times had been put back an hour due to transport problems (two squads missing minibuses and a third stuck in traffic). Fortunately the extra wait didn’t result in any controls wandering away and, indeed, we didn’t suffer any vandalism all day.

When the juniors did eventually get out on to the area it seemed to be taking them an enormously long time to return! Subsequent reports suggest that this was partly due to the excessive heat and partly due to the inability to find controls. The bracken probably didn’t help the latter despite Allan’s efforts with a strimmer!

At the end of the day though the winning times were approximately in-line with what we had planned for. The exception was the W14 course which didn’t have the benefit of the easier loop out to the north. None of the top girls had anywhere near a clean run on that course though with the best splits adding up to around 10 minutes less than the winner’s time.

Many thanks go to SOC and BAOC for their help, in particular to Allan for his controlling and, not-inconsiderable, organisational capabilities and to Petr, Petra, Abi, Matthias, Lizzie, Mary, Dan and Tessa for helping with the controls.

Full results can be found on the EMIT UK website. Sadly no suitable photos for child protection reasons…

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