Fribourg Festival

135I haven’t seen much of Fribourg the past week other than the walk from the station to the hotel which includes a section through the pedestrianised medieval high street. The Hotel de la Rose is also quite nice: the 17th century exterior houses some modern looking rooms complete with free wireless access.

Christine eventually arrived on Thursday evening after one aborted landing at Zurich airport in the wind and rain. Fortunately she had better weather yesterday in which to explore Fribourg. From the photos she brought back the medieval architecture spreads much further than the city centre with wooden bridges, covered flights of steps and an assortment of turrets and fortifications.

138Last night we had dinner over the road from the International Folk Festival taking place in Fribourg. We could have done without the wailing children during our meal but the jazz that followed was pretty cool. Having sampled the crepes on offer, even the whirling Argentinian dancers weren’t enough to keep us from bed.

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