Wet wedding

150We headed up to Harrogate this weekend for the wedding of Janine Hensman and Jason Inman. They were really unlucky with the weather as it contrived to rain on and off for almost the entire weekend with a strong wind making matters worse. The venue was the ironically named Sun Pavilion which, on the odd occasion when the sun did shine was filled with light through the stained glass roof. Fortunately part of the colonnaded walkway looking out over the beautiful Valley Gardens has a roof so the photos could still be taken outside, although keeping the Janine’s dress in check proved difficult.

153The weekend was superbly organised with a ceilidh and disco in the evening and more entertainment the following day. Sunday’s orienteering took place back in the gardens and adjoining Pine Woods. The mapped paths left a little to the imagination but it was all good fun. Sadly much of the subsequent barbecue in the Hensman’s spacious garden was spent sheltering under the windswept marquees but the food was still superb.

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