Redshoot result

164An early start this morning to help hang controls for the SOC district event at Redshoot. Although initially chilly, it turned in to a gloriously sunny day – just perfect for sitting around on first aid duty and taking the odd photo here and there! Unfortunately there were a few competitors who needed patching up after colliding with the ground or tress but thankfully nothing too serious.

167I mistakenly left my run on the Brown course until late thinking that the early competitors would flatten some of the bracken that is starting to die back. Unfortunately the planner (Peter Smith) sent us out in to the open for much of the course and I was left toiling through the heather in the midday sun. Despite being some six minutes down on Richard Barrett my result doesn’t look too bad, particularly given this is my eighth day running in a row after a few weeks of idleness. A couple of juniors snapping at my heels though.

Thanks must also go to Petra Hajkova who did a superb job organising the event, ably assisted by Petr Junek.

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