Lost apostrophe at end of land

191We drove down to Land’s End today with Ian and Sarah. Parked at Sennen Cove and walked over the cliff tops to the hotel. Having just finished reading Eats, Shoots and Leaves it was disappointing to see that the tourist sign read “Lands End”! Avoided most of the theme park rubbish although the old trawler on display proved quite interesting.

Continued on to the nice beach at Mill Bay where we had lunch. The litter of eleven piglets at Greeb Farm, all sleeping piled one on top of another and twitching in their piggy dreams, probably proved to be the highlight of the day though. Ian was also attempting to return to his Welsh roots by communing with the sheep!

Stopped of in St Ives for a quick look around and a cuppa on the way back home. It’s quite pleasant at this time of year although I can imagine that it’s absolutely heaving in the summer months.

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