Cardiff Bay

209We were visiting the in-laws in South Wales this weekend and on Saturday went out for lunch at Cardiff Bay. Afterwards we wandered around some of new buildings that form the heart of the redevelopment.

The new Welsh Assembly, opened in March this year, is an imposing building with a huge steel and wood roof jutting out the front. We negotiated the x-ray machines to take a look around the inside. The assembly chamber itself is quite small and below the entrance level with the huge funnel that dominates the construction channelling light in from above.

206Adjacent to the assembly building is the equally impressive Wales Millennium Centre. Much of the exterior is constructed of slate which, I’m afraid to say, just help to emphasise the fact that it was a cold grey day. The foyer is very nice though with lots of gently curving woodwork. Sadly, a performance of Guys and Dolls meant we couldn’t get further inside.

Cardiff seemed to be crawling with minor celebrities: Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson was recording an interview out on the waterfront and, as we drove back, we passed Ian Botham and Daley Thompson on a sponsored walk.

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