J2EE newbies

Whilst the majority of the customers I deal with are well versed in the ways of WebSphere, just occasionally I come across one that is not only new to WebSphere but also to the world of J2EE. In the past I have struggled to suggest suitable reading material, often resorting to the Sun J2EE tutorial as a starting point. Now Charlie Brown (who, as he hastens to point out, does have a beagle but not called Snoopy) has written an excellent introduction to J2EE the WebSphere way entitled “Experience J2EE! Using WebSphere Application Server V6.1“. It’s currently only a draft but, having taken a look at the messaging section, it’s well written and informative. There is even a chapter covering the, to my mind, advanced topic of importing a subject on to a message-driven bean’s thread using the credentials passed in a message. Be sure to rate the book so that we can ensure that Charlie’s good work can continue.

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