Wood Crates and leaden legs

Sunday was another glorious day. This time we were out in the New Forest for the SOC November Classic. Cruelly, not only were we helping early, but I was shouting out names at the start line. This wasn’t good for either my alcohol induced headache or sore throat! When the time came to run I was dehydrated, my legs were tired (mainly from the OMM last weekend) and my left ankle was sore from slipping off a kerbstone in the previous day’s city race.

The map (Wood Crates) proved to be one of the best New Forest areas I’ve been to in a long while. It has a good mix of the usual vague woodland and small patches of open heathland, a scattering of contours to add interest and, although largely runnable, the dead bracken was still high enough to mean that you had to be precise with your navigation. That said, I think the planning could have made more of the area. The controls themselves always seemed to be backed by some large catching feature. Consequently, I didn’t make many mistakes although wasted almost five minutes on a couple of short legs at the end. (My excuse was that I was thrown by giving directions to a group of walkers!) My biggest problem was just lack of speed and the results have me over fifteen minutes down on Ian Nixon who had a storming run (obviously saving himself the day before).

Steve Pullen has a selection of photos on the SOC website showing what a beautiful day it was.

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