Oak orienteering

After a frustrating week at work it was great to get out in to the Forest for a run today, particularly with the sun putting in an appearance. Mike Yeo had laid on a local event at Knightwood Oak (doing himself an injury in the process). The longest course was a green so no excuse for not running hard.

The first half went pretty well then I fluffed three controls in a row. For number five I was too far left as the control seemed further down the slow than shown on the map. Six wasn’t really my fault, I was just unlucky that I hit a particularly thick part of the green. No excuses for seven though. Following a veg boundary I just veered off to the left ending up ninety degrees out. Didn’t was too much time though taking just under 28 minutes for 4.6km.

Having jump started Mke’s car (he wasn’t having a good day) we headed off to the Sir Walter Tyrrell for the SOC Christmas lunch. Good company and nice food rounded off an enjoyable day.

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