More WebSphere ESB content on developerWorks

I’m catching up on my developerWorks reading and there are a couple more articles on WebSphere ESB that are worth mentioning. The first is What’s new in WebSphere Enterprise Service V6. Note that the title actually refers to V6 not V6.0.2 so in fact this article provides a good overview of all of the product’s capabilities (although those new in V6.0.2 are highlighted). There are a couple of factual inaccuracies in the article which I’ve alerted the author to so hopefully those will get corrected.

One of the new features in 6.0.2 is the WebSphere MQ binding support which certainly seems to be getting a lot interest from my colleagues. Phil Norton from the WebSphere ESB development team has provided a tutorial that covers invoking a mediation module from an MQ Java client. In particular, it shows how to use a custom data binding to map from the MQ message to a data object. In the tutorial the service being invoked is represented as a Java component in the mediation module. This is by way of example and should not be considered best practice.

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