Valley Park victory

My luck improved this evening with Christine’s street event around Valley Park. I had two advantages: local knowledge and some inside information that it was going to be border-line as to whether you could get all the controls. Putting these two together it was just a question of picking a vaguely sensible order for all of the controls and then running as hard as I could. The warren of branching streets and small footpaths joining them meant even then some thought was required for the best route between any two points. I made it back in just over 55 minutes and this time, not only had I visited all of the controls, I had only visited them once! There was a good turnout so it was a shame that I then had to rush off rather than enjoying the traditional post-run beverage. I haven’t had a chance to put all of the controls on my route this time but you can probably guess where most of them are from my convoluted route!

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