Chilworth Chow

By way of diversion from the lack of baby, we went out to the nearby Chilworth Arms for dinner last night. It’s the first time we’ve been there since it changed hands and ceased to be The Clump. Although Christine is unsure about the new external colour scheme (as the locals are uncertain about the provenance of the new name and insignia) the extensive refit has made the dining area a much lighter an airier place.

The menu was much as advertised. I had the Moroccan lamb cutlets which were nicely done although I’m not really sure where the chorizo fitted in and a few more peas wouldn’t have gone amiss! Christine’s ravioli had a very nice tomato sauce although the accompanying green salad was a little odd. I’m not sure when I last saw a green salad with cucumber and celery and the dressing appeared to just consist of olive oil. Desert was nice enough but nothing special. I’ve heard others complain about the prices but I’d say there were in the right range if at the top end.

Given the burnt quiche Christine was served the last time we ate at the Clump it was a distinct improvement and the short walk across the fields to get there is always pleasant, particularly with guests, so I’m sure we’ll be back. (Aside: we saw a slow worm on the way back, a first for me.)

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