IBM Resource Adapter for JMS with WebSphere Application Server

I’ve mentioned the IBM Client for JMS on J2SE with IBM WebSphere Application Server on a couple of occasions. As the name suggests, this provides you with a couple of JAR files that allow a standalone J2SE application to act as a JMS client to the WebSphere Application Server default messaging provider. What it isn’t good for, is acting as a client from another, third-party, application server. Yes it may work but you don’t get all those good things that an application server provides, like XA transaction coordination and parallel message consumption using MDBs. Enter the IBM Resource Adapter for Java Message Service with WebSphere Application Server which allows you to do just these things. Note that it’s currently only tested on Apache Geronimo V1.2 and WebSphere Application Server Community Edition V1.1 but it’s a JCA 1.5 compliant resource adapter so should work with any J2EE 1.4 application server. Also note that, as with the original client, this download is initially only available with an early access license. If you are interested in using it in production though, drop a note to the e-mail address in the technical support section.

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