Madrid by moonlight

452I’ve spent most of the past week working in Madrid hence the general lack of postings. It’s the first time I’ve been there on either business or pleasure. The weather was very pleasant – blue skies and temperatures around 20 degrees during the day – although I’m told it was unseasonal. Sadly, the forty minute walk between the office and hotel that I took each day didn’t take in much in the way of tourist attractions (unless you count the Bernabéu stadium – home to Real Madrid). It was only on the last evening that I had a chance to pick up a street map and head south for a long run around the old town in the dark. I will have to find a chance to go back when I have more time as there was plenty to see. I also had the rather surreal experience of watching the Sony Ericsson WTA tour on TV. The EuroSport commentary was English but was layered over what was obviously a German recording (German commentary in the background and German ads). Why was this so bizarre? The tournament was taking place there in Madrid!

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