Lack of connectivity

I’m staying in the Melia Galgos in Madrid this week. One of the reasons I selected it from the IBM approved list was because it promised internet connectivity. Sadly this hasn’t really proved to be the case. The wired connection in my room stays up just about long enough for me to accept the terms and conditions and what, at the time, seemed to be a very reasonable rate of 8€ for 24 hours. Unfortunately it then proceeds to go up and down randomly every minute or so before eventually giving up completely. The hotel sent someone up from “technical services” who proceeded to restart my browser and then my machine to no good effect. He then pulled the plug on the router which fixed things but only long enough for him to get out of the room. I then tried the wireless access available in the lobby which worked fine until I tried this evening when it failed to give me an IP address. I’ve now had to resort to using my 3G card. 🙁

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