Contour confusion

Shockingly I found myself orienteering again on Sunday. That’s twice in one week. What’s the world coming to?! We were visiting Christine’s parents in Monmouth, partly to say goodbye before departing these shores and partly so Christine could attend at least part of her sister-in-law to-be’s hen weekend. Christine’s parents then graciously offered to look after Emma whilst we nipped off up the road to the NGOC event at Knockalls Enclosure.

I ran the brown, or at least I tried to. My legs just aren’t used to going up steep hills. This became readily apparent on the short leg to number 4 where I seemed to get a little confused about what all those brown lines on the map really meant and decided to contour around the hill rather than going up it. On the whole though I was just slow as there is really no other way to account for the 14 minutes difference in the results between Clive Hallett and myself. Perhaps just as well I didn’t do the black otherwise I might have still been packing my bags for Oslo around midnight!

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