Norwegian cinema

I decided to make the most of being temporarily childless and headed out to the cinema last night to see Om forlatelse. My Norwegian not having progressed in leaps and bounds, it is fortunate that only the title of the film (Atonement) had been translated. As with most imported TV programmes (except those aimed at children), subtitles are used in preference to dubbing. I found it pretty easy to ignore the subtitles and only came a little unstuck during the scenes in French where they had removed any English subtitles there may once have been. My French, fortunately, is marginally better than my Norwegian so I could still just about keep up with the plot. Cinema-going would appear to be a popular pastime here with most of the screens sold out. It’s good to see that the programme also contained a healthy mix of Norwegian films but you can still see why English is spoken so well here. Oh, and the film? Excellent. Must make the effort to go more often.

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