Shipping arrived

Hooray – our shipping was finally delivered on Tuesday. Christine had most of it unpacked by the time I got home from work and we’ve now found somewhere to store the majority of the bits and pieces although there is a rather large pile of flattened cardboard boxes peeking out from under the bed. Let’s hope that doesn’t constitute a fire hazard! Mealtimes are now relatively civilised again with Emma in her high-chair and she is also glad to have her baby bath back having never really taken to showering!

Emma has spent the past week sleeping in a LittleLife Arc-2 Travel Cot. This was a last minute purchase by Christine’s Mum (along with the down suit) when we released that our existing travel cot could eat up a large proportion of our luggage allowance on its own. The Arc-2 is like a lightweight tent in construction and weighs in at just 2.5kg. Most of the bulk when packed is from the fairly thick foam mattress. It’s a little fiddly to put up, especially in a small room, but otherwise it’s great. The two poles are fairly thick and when assembled the cot is rigid enough for Emma to lean against without any worries. You do need to anchor down at least one corner with some piece of furniture though as otherwise it could tip over. That said, the sloping sides mean that Emma didn’t really stand up in it all.

This is more than can be said now Emma is back in her normal cot. The bars are excellent for pulling yourself upright and the extra height means she can now watch the cars out of the window for half an hour before eventually falling asleep. Perhaps we’re going to have to get blinds for her room after all!

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