Oslo City Cup 1

508The sun was out again yesterday evening for the first race of the Oslo City Cup, held at nearby Rikshospitalet. Emma had her dinner early and with split starts we both managed to get a run. The cup has an interesting format with everyone running the same course (3.1km yesterday). Start intervals of just 15 seconds meaning that the terrain was absolutely teeming with people, particularly as the course was squeezed in to a patch of woodland about 1km long by 300metres at the widest point.

I didn’t have much chance to use the running speed I’d demonstrated at last week’s training. With 22 controls you were continually having to change direction and the “long leg” was about 400metres. I’m well down in the results for the 17-39 year old men and I’m deliberately not looking to see how that compares with some of the junior winners! That said, I was only four minutes behind the winner and a whole minute of that was wasted on the sixth control. At number 5 a speedy looking junior punched just behind me and I made that fatal mistake of believing that, just because he was a local, he should know where he’s going!

Unfortunately of the series of five weekly races I can only make one more. Shame really as it was good fun. Particularly when it’s just a ten minute run from the finish to get back home.

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