Shopping, sights and snow

514It was raining when we got up this morning so we decided to head in to town for a bit of shopping. We finally gave in and bought a English-Norwegian dictionary. Up until now I’ve been struggling along with InterTran via the FoxLingo Firefox add-on but it’s pretty useless failing to translate most of the words that tell you what any sentence is actually trying to tell you. Many of these are compound words which, if you try splitting them up in enough different ways, eventually yield some meaning. Someone that’s just much easier to do with dead-wood though.

We’d have headed home at this point but, as the National Gallery is free, we had a quick scout around. Lots of Norwegian landscapes which don’t really do justice to the scale of the scenery despite being physically large themselves. Most importantly though, we can now rest easy having seen one of Munch’s many copies of “The Scream”. (You never know when it might next get stolen after all!)

If it’s raining at home then the best thing to do is head North in the hope that it soon turns to snow as you climb the hill. Both Christine and I therefore took it in turns to run up to the winter wonderland that is currently Voksenkollen. The clouds were still a bit too low for good views out over the fjord but there was still lots of excellent snowy scenery. Whilst the main path is well trodden I had to change my plan for the return route when, on the small path I turned off on to, I disappeared up to my knees twice in the first 10 metres.

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