Vegas to Oslo

It wasn’t a good sign to arrive at the airport and discover those from the earlier flight to Newark still sat trying to sleep at the gate. Weather (presumably bad) in the New York area was the reason given for the delays. We eventually boarded the plan about ninety minutes late but, having pushed back from the gate, then had to wait another half an hour to be allocated a take-off slot. This was all particularly annoying as a) the aircraft was packed full and b) it was so new that they hadn’t got round to fitting any entertainment system yet! The time passed quickly enough though as I practiced some Norwegian vocab on my laptop and then read.

I still had an hour to spare on my connection at Newark which, when I found a departure board, quickly became two hours. Typically this flight had a full digital entertainment system but I could only manage one film before my eyes started to close. With an empty seat next to me I was able to stretch out a bit and probably had two or three hours reasonable sleep before it was time for breakfast and touchdown at a warm and sunny Gardermoen.

With no further trips overseas planned, this time the hire car was booked for the remainder of our stay in Norway. I was slightly dismayed when the Hertz employee decided that she couldn’t give me the "sales car" I had been allocated for that length of time and would have to settle for a Focus.

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