BT refund

I’ve previously blogged about my annoyance at having to fork out £10 a month to BT purely in order to avoid the pleasure of paying them even more money when we return to the UK. I therefore wasn’t best pleased to discover that this month they had added some additional charges. On enquiring it turned out that these were to cover the free services (caller display and BT 1571) that apparently aren’t actually free if you make less than two calls a month. (This, presumably, is to penalise those who use another call provider over a BT line.) This seemed a bit of a liberty given that, in their online account management, is there any way to unselect them. The services have now been cancelled until we return. It took a second e-mail repeating the fact that I had previously had a conversation with BT support about minimising the amount we paid whilst abroad before they (or at least so they say) refunded the charges levied so far.

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