Oslo in the rain

604Christine’s brother Ian, and his wife Sarah were our latest guests. They arrived on Thursday night on the late flight from Bristol. Fortunately they had a good day out at the beach in the sun on Friday (whilst yours truly was working) because come the weekend the weather wasn’t so kind. On Saturday it was just threatening and we managed a walk out to Ullev√ɬ•lsetter but the heavens really opened up on Sunday. Our Oslo itineries don’t cater for bad weather (unless you’re a fan of museums) so we just walked around the city centre sheltering from the showers when we could. This provided my first chance to take a good look at the new Opera House up close. It’s an impressive beast and I must try and get back there with the camera when the weather is better. Ian and Sarah timed their departure just right as we got soaked getting back to the car from seeing them off at the station. They took with them some of our belongings – a sign that it’s now less than a month to go before we return to the UK (and that we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff whilst we’ve been out here!)

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