Stair gate saga

We bought a Lindam safety gate from Argos way back before we went to Norway. Shortly afterwards I ordered the free (except for P&P) gate extension from their website so that it would fit across our stairway. At the time though Emma was showing no sign of being a danger on the stairs and when we moved to Norway we were in an apartment.

Things had changed on our return and Emma delighted in standing at the top of the stairs throwing things down and I could see that it might not be too long before she followed after them! It was at this point I discovered that the extension didn’t actually fit the stair gate. I went back to the Lindam website to see how I might have ordered the wrong set only to discover a sign had appeared telling you not to order online if you’d bought the gate from Argos…

I phoned them up and was surprised to be told that, actually I had the right extension, it was the gate I needed to change as it had been recalled due to a weakness in the hinge. Having left work early to get our exhaust fixed (the rear box had rusted off) I decided to head in to Argos Eastleigh to exchange the stair gate. I abandoned the car on the way in to town as the traffic was dire and legged it as best I could with a large box tucked under my arm.

I arrived just before 5:30 only to be told that they had nothing indicating that the product had been recalled. They would give me a refund on a gift card which I could then use to buy the newer model out of the latest catalogue. Typically the price had gone up by a £1 at which point I started to make a fuss and the manager eventually agreed to waive the extra (probably a benefit of turning up just before closing time!). When the new gate duly arrived the manager softened a little as it had the old product number alongside the new one indicating that there had been some replacement process.

Anyway, the gate is now finally in-situ at the top of the stairs and Emma enjoys shaking it to test its strength!

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