Week in the Peaks

724From Ludlow we move to the Peak District for a short break. The location was mainly chosen so that we could make a day trip to visit Christine’s cousin Cath’s new baby. We’d made a last minute booking at a cottage in Tideswell. The cottage was homely enough but could do with a bit of touching up here and there. It did have an excellent collection of children’s books which kept Emma happy for the week. She might have enjoyed the videos as well but I could only get the DVD player to work!

On Monday we did a short walk from the cottage – south to Miller’s Dale, along to Cressbrook and back over the fields to Litton. Highlight of the day was around 50 frogs making themselves heard right next to the riverbank. The next day we headed over to Chatsworth. We started out in the farm/adventure playground. The latter was probably of most interest to Emma. She certainly didn’t rate stroking a guinea pig all that highly! I can’t claim we did anything all that adventurous in the playground but it was certainly lucky that I’d put the bucketĀ  and spade in the car. Emma missed the cultural part of the day as she slept in the buggy whilst we walked around the gardens.

On Wednesday we had another walk. This time we drove to Hayfield and, in superb sunshine, walked up to Kinder Downfall via Edale Cross, returning via William Clough. It was probably the first walk of any great length that we’ve done with Emma in the carrier and my back certainly felt it the following day. On Thursday, as we headed over to see young Daniel, I also had a sore throat and headache. For a while I put this down to dehydration (I’d certainly caught the sun) but as we headed home on Friday it was clear that I was coming down with yet another illness. We stopped briefly at Beacon Hill near Loughborough on the way back to Southampton where Emma enjoyed another opportunity to clamber around on some rocks.

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