Other two underpasses (backwards)

With a different pair of shoes on I decided that my blister from the weekend could cope with an outing to the Forest. This month our start (and finish) point moved to the Canadian War Memorial, north of Emery Down. This week’s designated run was the “other two underpasses (backwards)”. Backwards meant anti-clockwise and for some reason no-one could remember ever having run the route that way before. One side effect was that we usually add a bit of a loop on to the end to kill some time – we tried to compensate for this by adding a bit of a loop on the start but failed to take long enough and therefore had to add another loop on at the other end (with some adding a bigger loop than others). Afterwards we repaired to the New Forest Inn to hear Stuart’s tails of daring do at the Marathon des Sables.

Other Two Underpasses GPX

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