Top Twenty

Two weeks ago I managed to completely forget that it was an RR10 – this time I remembered the race but forgot my shoes! Thankfully I was wearing an old pair of trainers to drive there and, other than a slight lack of grip, I wasn’t particularly disadvantaged. The venue was a delightfully sunny Wilverley Plain. Apparently the course was the same as last year but it was new to me. I quite enjoyed it with a good selection of undulations followed by a nice flat finish. I fell in behind a couple of Southampton runners for the first half of the course and then edged ahead of them on a downhill. I was still ahead when we reached the Plain but just didn’t have any kick at the end so they both overtook me on the run in. I was, however, happy not to feel too badly the effects of either the previous evening’s run or the half of my dinner that I had eaten before going out! I was even happy to discover that I’d made it in to the top 20.

Wilverley RR10 GPX

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