4th in 10

It was the Hursley 10K on Sunday and, unlike the previous weekend, I felt completely unprepared. It was certainly convenient being able to nip down the road, get my entry on the day, and nip back home to finish getting Emma ready. Warming up though my knees ached, my hamstrings were tight and I generally felt sluggish. It was therefore somewhat of a surprise to find myself sitting in third place shortly after the off. The first two runners continued to pull away and were never seen again once we entered the woods. At the 7k marker I was still in third place but could hear footsteps closing on me. It wasn’t much longer before I was passed and it was something of a relief to have someone to chase. I had to watch my back on the run-in but was pleased to finish in 4th place although half a minute slower than the previous year and over three minutes behind the winners.

20090927 Hursley 10K GPX

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