Firework Flop

Yesterday night we headed along to the firework display at our local school (Hiltingbury). The buggy board we had ordered also arrived earlier in the day. Emma was so excited – she rode on the buggy board the whole way there shouting “We’re going to the fireworks” to anyone who would listen. Christine and I were in a slightly less ecstatic mood having failed to find Christine’s wallet, hoping that she had left it in the post office earlier in the day. We had a bit of a wait before the action started and Emma amused herself with a glo-stick. Emma was up on my shoulders when the fireworks started and the reaction was immediate: sheer terror. She started screaming that she wanted to go home and had to be carried away from the school. Last year, having seen a few fireworks out the bathroom window, Emma kept asking about them for weeks afterwards but it would seem that she’s just not ready for the loud bangs.

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