Local orienteering

827We went to SOC’s local event at Anderwood in the New Forest today. No string course this time so I took Emma and Duncan round the Yellow course whilst Christine nipped round the Green. Duncan nodded off half way round and Emma spent most of the time in the running buggy. Christine passed us on our way from the last control and came back to meet us. This meant I could head back to the car with dozing Duncan whilst Emma climbed about on a conveniently placed ring of tree stumps. They had only just made it back to download (Emma with a big stick in each hand) as I set off for the start to do the Blue.

It wasn’t the most exciting of courses. I think I was suffering a bit from giving blood on Thursday as I didn’t really have the speed to make the most of the runnable forest. It was pretty cold too and I had to move my Emit brick from my little finger when I could no longer feel it. I took just over 40 minutes for 6.5km or so which is reasonably respectable. I’m not sure whether there will be any results published for the event. The best bit had to be the fact that we were back home within 4 hours of leaving having both had a run.

2010021 Anderwood Blue Course GPX

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