Nature Navigation

833Interestingly, haivng just re-read a post from October ’98 when the Google Street View car came past and we’d just been to Manor Farm Country Park, we were back at Manor Farm on Sunday. This was another freebie courtesy of our Culture-all Passport. We’d been attracted by an ad in the county council magazine for a “Nature Navigation” day. This entailed the loan of a GPS to follow a short trail around the park with cardboard cut-out animals along the way. Something like a hi-tec orienteering string course but with the difference that the event was actually popular! Perhaps it was force of habit but the GPS seemed overkill and it would have been more fun with a map. The farm itself was a bigger hit with Emma with lots of young animals to see. She even enjoyed the story teller with his ghostly tales. (One of Emma’s favourite activities at the moment is to get us to make up a story for her which generally has to entail an animal biting their tongue!)

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