Wet week in Devon

836We came down to Devon last weekend for my Uncle’s 70 birthday party. We have since been staying in a holiday cottage on the outskirts of Sidmouth with my family. The cottage is nice and large which is lucky as the weather has been pretty miserable so we’ve spent a lot of time inside. Sidmouth itself isn’t all that inspiring, particularly in the rain. We had a trip out to Otterton Mill for a walk. I ended up sat in the car with a sleeping Emma who woke just as everyone else was forced to return by an ever increasing downpour.  The photo is from Branscombe Beach (infamous for the grounding of the MSC Napoli) where we managed to get some sunshine (in between the showers). The sun came out again just as my parents left for home but sadly we were touring Sidmouth looking for a replacement tyre having run over a nail. The following day we went in to Exeter to pick up my brother who, having driven my parents home, had returned via train.


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