Blunder on Burrows

845For the JK Relays we returned to Braunton Burrows. I was running third leg on the JK trophy behind Matt Whipple and Sam Massey. Matt got off to a steady start despite getting a foot in his face in the scramble for the third control. Sam then picked us up one place on the short middle leg. I didn’t get off to a good start, visiting one of the other gaffles on the first leg despite not having anyone to lead me there. In fact, my feeling was that there were far too many gaffles on the course as, although there were certainly other runners about on my course, I never relt I was running the same course as any of them, part of the fun of a relay. In a sprint finish I came in just behind Duncan Archer in 17th place. This would have put us in the top half of the results. Sadly it wasn’t to be. When I downloaded it seemed I had run straight past control number 6. I’m still not quite sure why – I think I was just running too hard and switched my attention to the wrong circle. It’s a long while since I’ve been disqualified in a relay – let’s hope it’s a long time until it happens again!

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