Emma turns three

863Emma’s birthday itself was a fairly quiet afair. Emma was up early but more due to sunlight than anything birthday related. Presents were opened over breakfast and then I went in to work.  The family then joined me there for lunch at the clubhouse where Emma’s early start was starting to show. Apparently she enjoyed visiting the fish after I’d gone back to my desk though. Then it was the first of many cakes in the evening. Emma’s attempts at blowing anything (and not just Rice Krispies out of her nose) are still pretty feeble so I was suitably impressed that she managed to extinguish the candles.

Emma then went to nursery on Thursday as usual where she got to celebrate her birthday again. This time, she was dispatched with iced fairy cakes for each of the children. I then took Friday off work and, although we spent most of the day preparing for Saturday, we did have a trip out to the paddling pool and sandpit at Flemming Park. It’s the first time Emma’s ever wanted to go in the paddling pool so, not having brought a swimming costume, she had to make do with wading around in the water with Christine.

Saturday was party day: 10 kids (including siblings) and their parents. Emma’s excitement rocketed even just at the sight of balloons scattered around the lounge. Thankfully though she was pretty well behaved for the whole of the event (as were the other guests!). The balloons proved to be a bit of a sore point mind: one girl couldn’t bare to go anywhere near them lest they burst whilst the twins were busy popping them with cocktail sticks. Christine compered the party games (of which hunt the teddy seemed to go down the best). I was responsible for decorating cake number 3 which, for some reason lost in the mists of time, had to look like a lion. I thought it looked pretty good but Emma’s first guess was that it was a mouse!

Three hours later and the children departed with their party bags and we sighed a huge sigh of relief. I think Duncan’s birthday will be a much quieter affair!

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