Cup Final

Last weekend was the final of the CompassSport Cup up in the Peak District. We’d spent the night before with one of Christine’s cousins giving us the chance to meet the latest arrival in their family. Christine was off first and I was going to take Emma and Duncan around the white course but was told that I couldn’t go out on the area before my run. With no string course either we just wandered around the sunny but cold assembly area aimlessly until a long overdue Christine finally reappeared.

I had a rolling start having had to sprint there. If I hadn’t stopped to pick up control descriptions I would have probably been on time rather than being a couple of seconds late. I was pretty slow on the way round the course but at least the navigation was going okay, at least until I hit number 12, or rather didn’t hit it and wandered aimlessly around the hillside until I retraced the path of a pack of runners on my course. You can see the gory details on RouteGadget. That lost me at least five minutes and without which my time might have looked a little bit more respectable. As it was, we had both done our bit to make sure that SOC ended up second to last (read that how you will). At least it was some good practice in the heather for next weekend!

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