Longleat Tiger

887I had last week booked off work and, as we were at Longleat on the Sunday, we thought we’d look at the option of staying on at the adjacent Center Parcs. Mid-week term-time the prices are pretty reasonable. Sadly though, it’s Monday to Friday and, having decided we couldn’t face packing the car for a week on the Sunday morning, we actually ended up driving back to Southampton for Sunday night! That wouldn’t have been too much of a problem if we hadn’t spent much of the journey back up north again sat in a traffic jam approaching Salisbury. It was, however, pretty wet on Monday anyway. Thankfully things cleared up for the rest of the week and we were treated to blue skies for the next couple of days.

We took our bikes (including Emma’s) and the cycle chariot, and much of the week was spent out and about at one of the many playgrounds or in the pool. We only booked a few activities. I had more cycling, going to a spin class (I’ve never sweated so much in 40 minutes!). Emma went to ‘Tennis Tots’ but it was all a bit too much for her and she got the most enjoyment from just running around after the ball. When asked to pick from a selection of activities at the start of the week she had opted for ‘none of the above’ and wanted to do face painting. By Thursday she was still adamant and we relented. It may have been overpriced but Emma’s tiger face kept her amused for the rest of the day. Cousin Megan, who’d come to stay for a night, was less sure about the tiger roars! Christine’s exercise class was sadly cancelled. And Duncan? His favourite activity was watching the ducks that waddled past the window of the villa!

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