Easter Weekend

908We spent the first half of the Easter weekend at my parents. I’ll admit it’s a couple of months since we’ve last been but in that time Duncan has become a liability. Actually, it was probably the change in the weather that meant we spent more time outside. The problem? The two ponds and a bird bath come fountain. Duncan ending up in one of the ponds was only a minor concern. More of a problem was the fact that he seemed to think everything else should be in the water – sticks, stones, soil, you name it. In the end, my parents managed to distract him with a series of washing up bowls, a watering can, some drain pipe and, eventually, a model water wheel (a relic from the schools’ trips to Carisbrook Castle on the Isle of Wight)!

911Unfortunately I came down with some stomach bug on Saturday night and, having emptied my stomach, spent most of Sunday feeling sorry for myself. By Monday, we were back home and I had mostly recovered. We went in to my work for an Easter Egg hunt around the club house and… to have a look at the pond in the sunken garden. Thankfully Duncan seemed happy just to wiggle his fingers in the water at the koi carp!

PS Yes – he is desperately in need of a hair cut!

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