Smashing AGM

932Friday night was the orienteering club AGM at Fleming Park leisure centre. I picked up trophies for Christine and myself and Philip Cooper gave an entertaining presentation on his orienteering travels (or, to be more accurate, his actuarial travels with lots of orienteering tacked on) followed by a quiz which netted me a bar of chocolate. The flat roof of the building meant that Philip was nearly drowned out by the sound of the long overdue rain hammering down. When the meeting ended I made a dash for the car and it was only as I drove away that I heard the tinkling of glass from the rear windscreen…

A note on the front windscreen explained everything: “I am so sorry, my little son broke your windscreen by a stone.” This was, however, a very honest chap as it also gave his name and phone number. The following day we therefore had the windscreen replaced under the car insurance and the errant boy’s father has promised to transfer the excess to our bank account. I didn’t offer to return to him the stone that was still resting on our parcel shelf! Other than the sound of glass tipping back and forth when the boot is opened (it will eventually grind itself small enough to come out the drainage holes we were told), everything is now back as it should be.

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