Porcine Pleasure

935We had a couple of days to spare before going on holiday, on one of which we decided that the time had finally come to brave Paultons Park – a family theme park that now boasts a world first: Peppa Pig World. On arrival, Emma displayed an uncharacteristic lack of fear as we climbed to the top of a tall flume. It was perhaps just as well that we then spent the rest of the morning in the slightly more sedate aforementioned porcine place. I’m not convinced that the character tie-in really added much to the experience at least for Emma and Duncan.

By afternoon, Emma’s confidence had returned and we embarked on a series of roller coaster rides etc. Christine and I were only glad that she wasn’t allowed on any of the really big rides. She’ll have to find a more adventurous relative when she gets a bit older! Despite still being term time, the park was pretty busy. It was a scorcher of a day which wasn’t entirely conducive to queuing. Duncan had the benefit of an afternoon snooze but, as the day drew on, Emma was suffering a bit from the heat. There was one particularly unpleasant tantrum relating to getting a place in the front carriage of the rabbit train!

We did finally escape about half an hour before closing time. The only question now is how long we can put off a return visit!

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