Half term holiday

1001We’ve quickly settled in to the school routine when it comes to organising our holidays around term time. For February half term, Emma and I enjoyed a day together whilst Christine worked and Duncan went to nursery as usual then, the next day, we packed our bags and set off to visit Christine’s brother and family at their new house in Cornwall. We stopped off in a Travelodge in Ilminster on the way down. I wouldn’t recommend it as it’s looking pretty tired. We also made the mistake of attempting to go out for dinner in the town on what was, of course, Valentine’s night. We traipsed around with the children in tow being turned away from one pub after another. Eventually we did ended up at the Marston’s pub which did us proud.

We had an enjoyable time with my Uncle in Devon the following day, visiting the miniature zoo in Shaldon amongst other things, before completing our journey down to Cornwall. The next day we headed back west to re-visit the Eden Project. It must have been five years ago when we last went as we met my parents there and told them that Christine was pregnant with Emma. The children enjoyed themselves greatly, particularly the chocolate theme! The next day was spent in and around Falmouth with the relatives. We even managed some sunshine down on the beach. I’m afraid we can’t recommend the Gylly Beach cafe as the wait was prohibitive. The ice creams afterwards went down well though.

Sadly the nice weather was not to last and our journey home was spent under a rain cloud. We did, at least, have a day to gather our thoughts again before getting back to the school/work routine.

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