Cardboard rockets

1043On one of my days off looking after Emma we paid a return visit to INTECH. Emma certainly remembered her previous visit as there were various exhibits that we had to seek out. A year older, I still don’t think she was particularly interested in the science behind it all as we flitted from shiny object to the next. Neither of us was particularly impressed by the science of sport area where there was more sport than science. The other special exhibit was ‘meet a physicist’ which I approached with caution, particularly as they all appeared to be female! They were showing you how to program a Lego Mindstorms robot to replicate the Curiosity’s roving of Mars (topical as Curiosity had just landed the day before). Not much physics there that I could see and I was distinctly unimpressed by the time it took to compile the trivial program but Emma seemed to enjoy it.

This time we went to see “Secret of the Cardboard Rocket” in the planetarium. I thought this was preferable to our previous encounter with the moles as a) I actually learnt a thing or two and b) there were some good star sequences. Emma wasn’t so sure due to the loud thunderstorm on Saturn!

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