New Year Score

Balancing at QECPAfter a dry night (no bed wetting for Duncan but lots of toilet trips) we had to drag ourselves out of bed this morning (I even found Emma getting the cereals out of the cupboard when I got down). It was well worth it though as there were clear blue skies as we set off for the New Year’s Day score event at Queen Elizabeth Country Park. I got to run the 45 minute score while Christine went round with the children. I felt a bit sluggish to start with heading up the first hill to a 50 pointer which is perhaps why only half way up I realised I should have just run along the road to get another control first! Other than that, I had a enjoyable run. I could have scored a little higher if I had realised earlier that I wasn’t going to get all of the controls but I got back with just a second to spare (by my watch – the results are a little more generous) and appear at the top of the results.

After lunch by the cafe, we drove up to the top of the hill and Christine had a run whilst the children went round the play equipment (or is it a fitness trail, I’m never too sure!), played in the dens and rode around on their bikes. I then made the mistake of suggesting we pop in to Cotswolds on the way home tp see of there was anything good in their sale. After the day’s exertions, Emma went in to meltdown when they didn’t have a pair of pink moon boots in her size! It was still a good day on which to end my holiday – back to work tomorrow!

20130101 Queen Elizabeth Country Park Score

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